National Board Fees and

National Board Fees and Reimbursement

National Board Fee Reimbursement through TIA

The Teacher Incentive Allotment will reimburse districts up to $1,900 for initial certification, up to $1,250 for renewal, and up to $495 for Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Fees paid toward certification and renewal are eligible if the certification or renewal was achieved following the passage of House Bill 3 in summer 2019.

Districts may now apply for fee reimbursement through TIA for NBCTs who certified or renewed in 2019 or later. Districts must provide documentation of fees paid directly to the National Board and/or reimbursed to the NBCT. The annual application window runs from January 1-April 15.

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Cost of National Board Certification

The initial cost for each of the four components is $475, with the total cost for the initial attempt of all four components being $1,900. Retake attempts require an additional fee. For each assessment cycle in which a teacher plans to take components, a $75 nonrefundable and nontransferable registration fee is required and must be paid before purchasing a component.

Expiration and Renewal

For teachers who were certified in 2017 or later, National Board Certification is active for a period of five years. Prior to 2017, certification lasted up to 10 years. Current National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) nearing their certification expiration date can renew their certification for a period of 10 years. The fee for renewal is $1,250. However, starting in 2021, the National Board will no longer extend certificates through the current 10-year renewal process. Instead, it will extend certification through its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process. Successfully meeting MOC requirements will extend an NBCT’s certificate by five years from their current certificate’s expiration date. The MOC will cost $495 plus a $75 registration fee.