How it Works
The Benefits of TIA for Teachers

The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) gives teachers an accessible pathway to earning a higher income while remaining in the classroom, allowing them to make a greater difference in the lives of Texas students. TIA elevates the teaching profession and allows districts to celebrate their top performing teachers with compensation and recognition through teacher designations.

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Not Achievement Based
Prioritizing Student Growth

Unlike previous incentive programs based on achievement data, TIA requires districts to identify effective teachers based on the growth of their students over the course of a school year. Districts are not required to use STAAR data or other standardized assessments for the local designation system.Rather than using the magnitude of growth, effectiveness is measured by the impact teachers have on all students by setting growth at the individual student level.

Funding for Teachers
Helping Keep Effective Teachers in the Classroom

TIA is funding for classroom teachers. Teachers with designations generate funding for their districts. At minimum, 90% of funds must be spent on teacher compensation at the campus where the designated teacher works. Funds are not limited to designated teacher pay, but may be divided among other teachers. The amount of funding the designated teacher earns varies by campus based on their designation level, the socioeconomic needs at a campus, the rural status of a campus, and the spending plan created by the district.

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What it Means
Teacher Designations

Designations are distinctions awarded to highly effective teachers. TIA established three levels of designation: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. Designations are awarded to teachers either through their district’s local designation system or by achieving National Board Certification. A district with a local designation system may submit teachers for designation to TEA at any level. Teachers with an active National Board certification may be designated as Recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Once a teacher is designated, they generate an annual allotment for their employing school district based on their campus of employment as long as they meet the eligibility requirements by TEA.

How it Works Becoming a Designated Teacher

  • Earning a Designation

    Districts have the option to build a local designation system with evaluation criteria based on teacher observation and student growth data to identify their most effective teachers. Teachers can also earn a designation through achieving National Board certification.

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  • Funding Eligibility

    Once a teacher earns a designation, they must continue to meet TEA eligibility requirements to generate an allotment for their district.

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Recognizing Established Excellence
National Board Certification

National Board certification is a voluntary advanced professional certification for PreK–12 educators overseen by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Candidates must demonstrate teaching expertise through content exams and performance-based, peer-reviewed portfolio assessments. National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) working as classroom teachers earn a Recognized designation. The designation expires the July following expiration of the teacher’s National Board Certification. NBCT candidates earn a designation the same school year in which they successfully certify.

Participating Districts
Find Out if a District is Participating in TIA

Unlike previous education programs, TIA is not a grant and teachers do not apply for the funds. Teachers can be awarded a designation that results in TIA funding when their school district participates in developing a local designation system. Explore the funding map to see which districts are participating in TIA.

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What Teachers Are Saying

Our challenge has been with recruitment. And the primary reason for that is that we really do not have a competitive pay scale. TIA has helped to bring balance to that. This past year I had to hire 10 new teachers, and I am thrilled to say that I was able to fill every single one of them with amazing teachers.Tammy Brinkman, Coupland ISD
Working in a small district with small class sizes is definitely very appealing, and then when you add the opportunity to receive additional compensation for what you’ve already been doing for so long…I think it’s a step in the right direction for all of education and for teachers in general.Bryan Smalley, Coupland ISD
It gives teachers the feeling of ‘we are valued here – the district is working hard to try to get us designations and to get us to stay here longer for our students.’Mario Aguirre, Slaton ISD
We went into the TIA process with eyes open. What it’s done for us has been amazing. We have not seen the rifts between teachers that we were afraid of. What we have seen are teachers from every corner of our district that have been able to show growth in their students.Jim Andrus, Slaton ISD
“This program is proof to me and my community that we can stay in the jobs that we’re passionate about and still be compensated in a manner we deserve and that will allow us to better support our families.” Adriana Abundis, San Antonio ISD
“The Teacher Incentive Allotment kept me in the classroom serving students in need.” Kori Crampton, Klein ISD
TIA makes you focus on how to become a better teacher. If I’m a better teacher, my kids are being better, and I can see that through not only what they’re doing in the classroom, but also through their scores.Jesse Seigler, Quinlan ISD
“TIA has been a game changer and a life changer for me personally. It helps motivate us to become better teachers so that the students in the classroom succeed and become better learners.” Sherri Arrington, Slaton ISD
“I believe that TIA is life-changing. I believe it will impact students throughout their learning journey to be individual thinkers, to set goals for themselves, and to be responsible for what they’re learning and how they’re learning it.” Melissa Price, Coupland ISD
“I am but one example of how the TIA financially rewards teachers for their performance in the classroom…the program has enabled the most effective teachers to continue to stay and change lives.” Eric Hale, Dallas ISD
“With the Teacher Incentive Allotment, it has helped me stay in the classroom personally, here especially. I do have a long commute; last year I was commuting just over an hour to work. I want to be in this district. I choose to continue to come to Somerset ISD.” Alyssa Mendez, Somerset ISD